MORS Weekly Wrap Up
By OutdoorAly

Posted: December 1, 2013

It has been a week of gratitude for the MORS family: we really appreciate your support! Snow has accumulated enough to start enjoying winter activities. My little niece was even able to venture out in the snow for her first snowmobile ride of the season!




If you have been too busy out hunting to read all the best stories from the past week, don’t fret, we have them all in one place right here:

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Washington’s Snokomish Tribe Salmon Harvest Causes Concern for Some…Read more here.

Payback to Hunter from a Deer- MUST WATCH VIDEO…See video here.

Roadkill Salvage Permits Available Now…Read more here.

3 Hamilton Men Lose Hunting Privileges for Poaching 25 Deer…Read more here.


Here are this week’s fishing summaries:

Chancy at Snappy’s says there’s starting to be ice out around the valley and he got a couple nice perch in the 9-10 inch range along with a few small pike in 12-16 range at Smith Lake Monday. The ice is starting to build with about 4 inch range, so not quite ready. McWinneger Slough, Chancy is producing some small perch around 9 inches.  There’s been a few guys catching crappy in the early mornings and at night also.  Little McGregor was froze up with about 3-4 inches on it. There was a report from a guy out there in the shallows catching 12-14 inch rainbows.  Lynch Lake in the Pleasant Valley area there’s about 4-5 inches of ice out there with a few reports of small pike and perch out there.  Same for Island Lake with reports of 3 inches of ice and on some decent perch in that 8-10 inch range.  Rogers Lake should be froze, but Chancy hasn’t heard anything official on it.  Chancy says he’s still fishing for Whitefish on the river but it’s been slowing down pretty quick.  There’s been a lot of smaller lake trout starting to show up.  Chancy reminds us, most of the rivers and streams close here at the end of November so check your regulations.

Leonard from Roberts Bait and Tackle
Leonard from Robert’s Bait and Tackle gave us the scoop on ice conditions: Francis has 6-8 inches, Bailey has 6 plus, Bynum has 6-8 inches, Arod has 6-8 inches but there is water on top of it so be careful on there.

November 30th Summaries

Bill Brown at Bob Wards says hunting season is starting to wind down, and Mountain Lion hunting opens back up for hound chasers December 1st.  In Hamilton Bill says the nymphing is phenomenal on the Bitterroot, Blackfoot, and the Clark Fork.

Robert from Malta Marine says ice fishing on Nelson is doing pretty good, but it’s not quite ready for four wheelers just yet.


Congratulations to this week’s trivia winners Tom Lowry of Missoula, and Barbara Navarra of Corvallis. Keep listening for your chance to win just like John Cummings who won a Montana wreath, and Brian Rafferty who won a Montana Club gift card. We had a couple other winners this week, like Steve Calbeck of Polson, and Eric Rensvolo of Savage. If you missed the show this week you can listen here.


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