Pat Volkmar Gets Kids “Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs” at Bailey’s Pond
By angelamontana

Posted: December 16, 2013

Pat Volkmar took his crew of anglers, who are all Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs, to Bailey’s Pond this past Saturday, December 14th.  They had a fabulous time!  Check out Volkmar’s recap of the fishing trip and photos below:

Wow, what a great fishing to the great north!  We left Great falls at a balmy 45 degrees, and 50mph winds, to unload at Bailey’s Pond, north of Box Elder.  The temp was 10 degrees but zero wind nice day.

This is a great pond, that was saved by NMS/EMS Hooked on Fishing not Drugs, Great falls Walleyes Unlimited, Fresno Chapter Walleyes Unlimited, Local Businessman & Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks, is saved for the public to use for ever.

We had a great group of kids from NMS, EMS & CMR, and they all had fun.  Even a few fish cooperated and allowed us to catch them. We even had a group of past graduates that joined us on the ice.

We had great day on the ice and great food that was provide by our long time sponsor, Great Falls Walleyes Unlimited (Hambugers and chicken noodle soup).

We had a nice donation of cookies from out cook Jim & Rose Ballard.

Special thanks to our two bus drivers Bill Caffyn and Bud Place.

Look at the pictures below, and see how much fun we had!

This was a great day on the ice what a way to introduce kids to the great sport of Ice fishing.  Our next activity is a City wide Ice Fishing activity on Wadsworth on Jan 4th  put on with Scheel`s of Great Falls. EMS/NMS Hooked on Fishing not Drugs  will be there helping people get hands-on experience of ice fishing.

(Written by Pat Volkmar; Photos via Pat Volkmar)

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