Alpha Male Wolf Gets Called in on Montana Public Land–CAPTURED ON VIDEO
By angelamontana

Posted: January 9, 2014

Want to watch some Montana hunters call in an alpha male wolf up to 50 yards…on video??  Well, your chance to do just that is coming up within the next few weeks on the popular tv show Skull Bound.  Visit for more information on upcoming episodes.

Montana resident and “Host Jana Waller hunts for whitetail deer on public land in Montana and encounters the apex predator of North America–the grey wolf. Jana and Cameraman Jimmy pull off the unthinkable as they howl in the alpha male wolf to 50 yards. You’ll witness one of the most stunning sequences ever captured on video while telling the story of the wolf through interviews with biologist, residents, filmmakers and more. In hunting, success and failure are often measured in minutes, seconds and in this case ½ an inch.”

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