Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 1.13.14
By angelamontana

Posted: January 15, 2014

Report compiled by Carol Henckel

Please be advised that conditions can change daily so please call the contact person in the area you are planning on fishing for current daily information. 

Weather is changing constantly and some days wind and snow can be a big factor.Ice conditions are dangerous so be very aware of what you are walking on. Keep an eye on the weather while you are out there and stay safe. Good luck fishing from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.

Rock Creek Marina-Bill 1-406-485-2560

“We saw lots of fisherman this week.  There was quite a few nice walleye caught. The northern pike have been over 10 pounds. Some guys are having success spearing. Others are using tipup and minnows.  There has been wind off and on. At one point there were 15 4 wheelers on the ice. Both bays have 18 to 23 inches of ice,” Bill says. There is only a minimum of services but Bill will be around now. We do have gas. If you need information leave a message on the answering machine and Bill will get back to you.

Tongue River Reservoir – Tongue River Marina  1-406-757-2225 Colton/Bob Pederson/Warden Jordon

Jordon says, “There have been catches of crappie and perch mostly.  Less pike and small mouth. They are using tip-ups and minnows. Four wheelers are being used. I have not seen anyone limit this week.” Remember to check the regs before bring minnows in.  You can purchase live minnows from the minnow machine.  It is set up by the marina. They are sold by the dozen at the machine.  The marina is closed for the winter season.

Clint Thomas- Hell Creek Marina 1-406- 557-2345 – Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir  

“Pike fishing has been really good. The walleye bite has slowed down in the last day but we had a drastic weather change from 30 below to 50 degrees. We did have a 16 pond walleye caught at the mouth of Hell Creek last week.    We have about 10 to 12 inches of ice in the bay. We have 8 to 10 inches at Hell Creek west.  Going east the ice is 12 to 14 inches in the bay and 10 to 12 in the main. Lots of minnows being used.  They are getting northerns at 12 to 18 inches and walleyes at a depth of 20 to 330 feet during the day.  At night they are going to 14 to 16 feet and the walleye being caught are bigger,” Clint says.  Clint reports, “if you are reserving campgrounds for summer there are plenty of first come first serve camp sites available. The only sites filled are the 30 electrical sites you have to reserve.  There are plenty of the other ones available you will just have to use your own generator.”

Gene Moore Lake Ridge Motel 1-406-526-3597

Gene Moore, of Lake Ridge says,” The ice has been opening and closing.

Everyday is different because of the wind and temperature changes. It is just too dangerous to try going out there. You can fish in the bay and dredge cuts. No matter what you do be mighty, mighty careful. Best thing to do is call for ice information because it has not been good ice and every day has changes.”

Lake Elmo Billings

Ice fishermen are out fishing.  Guys are catching a few trout through the ice if they can stand the cold and changeable weather.

Cooney Reservoir Jenny/ Maleri

Cooney has 17-20 inches of ice. It snowed some so there is some ice covered. Fishing has slowed down.  Fisherman  are heading to fisherman’s point. Word has it Red Lodge Creek is fishing better. Camp spots are first come first serve through the winter.

Deadmans/Martinsdale Justin

Weather is always changing things. Martinsdale is still open out in the middle. Fishing around the dam is still possible. Fishing has been fair.


Deadmans ice is soft around the edges and has firm ice farther out. Still a struggle fishing. The salmon are pretty much done.

Don’s Lewistown- Dale

“It was pretty good fishing this week.  At Achley Lake they are catching rainbow trout.  They are doing well. They are using glowing ice jigs, maggots and jumping worms. Ice is about 15 to 20 inches thick. They are going deep to 15 to 20 feet”, Dale says. There is ice at  Forchette and Devils Creek. For perch and bluegill use real small lures,” he reports.

Crooked Creek-Grant

The marina is not open.  It is closed but cabins are still available for other uses just call 1-406-429-2999.

Minnow Bucket-Eddie White  696-1281

Eddie White is the new owner of the Minnow Bucket.  Please note the new phone number to call. My hours are Tuesday to Friday 11 to 7 pm, Saturday 7 to 7 pm and Sunday 7 to noon. “Word is Hell Creek has been fishing well.

Tongue River Reservoir has had some good fishing right now. One group got 32 some crappie, perch and northern pike jigging with live minnows, Eddie says,” Couple of weeks ago I did some checking on Castle Rock and the gate is up to the parking lot as it is closed for some work.  You can get in to fish the water though,” Eddie says.

Silos Canyon Ferry-Sharon

Sharon says, “fishing has been pretty good. The ice has been pretty wet the last couple of days. With the increase in temperature and wind it has been affected. They are doing okay with walleye and perch. We had now Monday night so there is a cover now. Trout are plentiful. A lot of guys are heading to Duck Creek by Hole in a Wall. There is a pressure ridge to watch out for by Duck Creek to Confederate. The Lions Perch Tournament is January 25th and 26th.  Call us for conditions on the ice at the Silos.

We will give you the latest information.

West Side Sports Jim 1-406-654-1611

“West Side Sports has a new owner.  Jim Mayer, the new owner, says his hours on the shop will be 8 to 6 Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday.

“Come on in for all your tackle,” Jim says. Nelson has been good this week. They have had terrific good luck on chartreuse colored jigs.  They are using spoons for walleye and perch and having success.  For perch go 30 to 40 feet and go 15 to 25 feet for walleye. Northerns are working on tip-ups with minnows.,” Jim says.

On Forchette they are catching eater size walleyes. Pike were 6 to 10 pounds.  Always use extreme caution there. In the bay the ice is 10 to 12 feet and on the main pat 8 inches,” reports Jim.

Billings-Scheels Nate

Nate says, “I have heard lots of reports guys are doing well on Tongue.

It seems to be all over  but more reports toward rattlesnake or right at the marna.”

“Cooney has slowed down fishermen are saying. Someone ice trolled the whole north shore and got very little.

I also heard Petrolia was real slow for fishermen this week.

Some guys are returning to George town Lake as trout fishing is doing well.

Word has it Hell Creek has been doing well, “Nate says.

Rich’s Tackle- Richard

“I went on Canyon Ferry fishing and it was pretty off and on. We caught trout, good size ones 12 feet and up.  Also perch off and on. We went 45 to 50 feet deep for perch.  Most were ¾ pound and some 14 inches.

I also heard Harrison is good fishing.

There are some fly fishing fishermen having luck on the Madison using maggot size flies, they tell me,” Rich said.

Stillwater Anglers-Chris 406-322-4977

Things have opened up but shelf ice continues to make it too dangerous right now to fish. There is just not any place to get on safely. Weather is pretty unpredictable. Fishing access would make it way too rough to go out right now. Just don’t take the chance. Our hours during the week have changed in the shop and we are open Tuesday to Sat from 9 am to 2 pm now.

We are closed Sunday and Monday.

Big Horn Trout Shop Fort Smith 666-2375 Rich

The water is open for the upper 25 miles. Use orange scrubs, baetes emersions and yellow pupas.  Streamers are working using black and blue.

Try JJ’s in yellow brown, thin mints, Kenny Schiedner and dirty red.

Really keep an eye o the wind report before coming. Check for your supplies before coming as worms in the area may be in short supply.  The lake does have walleye and crappie but it has been too cold for much success.  Black Canyon and Bill Bull Creek have ice. Our shop hours have changed and we are open 7 am to noon. Call for information.