Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward & Sons – 1.24.14
By angelamontana

Posted: January 24, 2014


Mountain lion season (with hounds) is in full swing and ends April 14th. Wolf season is still going on through March 15th. Please review your regulations for specific details on the areas you plan on hunting. And make sure to bring pictures down of your successful hunts and post them on are bulletin board.


Canyon Ferry Lake: did have about 8 inches of ice…but with warmer days in the 50s earlier this week before our Wednesday snowfall, the surface may be a bit slushy and ice thickness may be a bit questionable. Outside of the ice conditions, the lake has been fishing well by the silos. Try fishing a smaller Swedish Pimple or some grubs near the silos and you should be getting some bites. Please remember to pay attention to ice thickness and be aware of ice ridges around the lake.

Missouri River: try fishing the stretch between Craig and the dam. Pink skuds or bead headed nymphs like flash prince nymphs or lightening bugs are the ticket right now. You might also try fishing the Rainbow Czech or Hot head Ray Charles…stick with pinks and purples—they have been really working well. Fish the deeper pools and tail-waters and try split-shotting to get your nymphs down deep.

Little Blackfoot: Try using bead headed golden or olive stone flies, muddler minnows, or zebra midges. Stick to the tail-waters and try and keep you flies running deep. Small streamers have been working, as well.

(Report by Ryan Corwin-Bob Ward & Sons)

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