Missoula Man Encounters Wolf Pack at Marshall Mountain
By angelamontana

Posted: January 31, 2014

A man walking his dog at Marshall Mountain on Thursday, January 30th, encountered a wolf pack on a dog-walking trail.  According to a recent article on newstalkkgvo.com, the man’s mother, Amy Woldstad, reported that her son’s yellow lab started growling at some point, and her son then spotted four wolves ahead of them on the trail.

“He grabbed the dog and went off to the side of the trail,” Woldstad said. “He wrapped the dog up in his jacket so the dog couldn’t see the wolves, and more importantly, so that the wolves wouldn’t be able to see the dog, because the wolves were coming toward him.”

This left her son facing the wolves.  Luckily, the four wolves walked by, with the last dog stopping and looking at him only four to five feet away from him.  The wolves just dropped down the side of the mountain after the encounter.

With Woldstad’s son being an avid hunter, he knows what wolves look like, and she confirms that the four dogs were “definitely wolves” and that there is no mistake about that.

Keep this in mind, Missoula-area people.  Regardless of where you are walking your dogs or even going without your pets, there are wolves and other predators out there, and you should always be aware of your surroundings.

Listen to Amy Woldstad’s audio report at newstalkkgvo.com.

(Cover photo is not associated with this story–via oregonlive.com)