“Pillow Talk” with Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: February 11, 2014

Sometimes, when it is hard to sleep, a little “Pillow Talk” helps. We dream or think to ourselves about the Big Trout or Monster Critter we hope to harvest. Winters are long and we need to get our rest. Some folks count sheep, but hunters and fishermen count fish, critters and memories!

pillowfishWhen we revisit our special moments or dream of new ones, the smells, sounds and experiences can be vivid. These measures and memories of things that went right, symbolize good choices we made and always create soothing, relaxing and more peaceful feelings. There have been several nights when my Wife woke me up after making strange noises.

If we dream and think about the ones that got away, then it becomes a long sleepless night. Re-thinking our mistakes, or reanalyzing our bad experiences only keeps us up all night! Oh the hardships of being a great hunter or fisherman.

Try getting out of bed and grab a good book. Go online and read the latest Montana Grant story or article. This will help you to focus and relax on more fun thoughts. Lower the lights a bit to slow down your brain.

No matter what, it’s good to have a little “Pillow Talk” with ourselves. Maybe we need to learn from our mistakes or celebrate our successes. Try remembering those special times when you taught a kid how to hunt or fish.

One of my favorite nighttime thoughts is about my Daughters first fishing trips. She and I enjoyed everything about the days’ adventures and we caught fish too! Fishing was probably the last thing on her list. She was with her Dad and as long as I had enough drinks, Slim Jims and candy, oh and maybe a Porta Potty, she was golden. We would talk about this and that and just have fun. Once in a while, the great fishing God would smile upon her and she would catch something. Every fish was a Monster and a Memory! Oh the wonderful memories….ZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Dreams,

Montana Grant

Montana Grant Pic

(Photo and Article written by Montana Grant)


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