A Tree Well and Some Snow Can Save Your Life!
By angelamontana

Posted: February 7, 2014

TreeShelter_29We have all heard about the stories of somebody getting stranded in the middle of nowhere on foot during the cold winter…sometimes hunters, sometimes hikers, sometimes snowmobilers, sometimes skiers and snowboarders.  But, how could a person survive in the cold and snow overnight or for an extended period of time?

Well, a recent post on outdooorlife.com reminds people that “snow is not necessarily an enemy in a blizzard–It’s a great inslulator”.  Building a shelter out of snow can actually help you escape the elements and warm you up for a short time.

Tree wells, the depression in snow around a tree trunk formed by the canopy of branches above it, make good places to make snow shelters.

  • Reinforce the natural enclosure by propping up additional branches around the lowest branches
  • Dig out the snow accumulated around the trunk
  • Lay evergreen boughs on the floor to insulate the ground

Following the above steps to create your snow shelter can give you a comfortable area to ride out a storm or rest that can be as warm as 40 degrees warmer than the air temperature outside the shelter!  Now, THAT is some good information to have!   Even -5 degrees sounds better than -45!

(Information via outdoorlife.com; Cover photo: bcforestsafe.org)

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