Five Facts Friday: The Montanan Way
By angelamontana

Posted: February 21, 2014

Fact No. 1:

Rapelje — If you want to sound like you’ve been around for a while, pronounce this town’s name, RAP-ul-jay. If it doesn’t look like there’s a road to this sweet spot in the heart of rolling ranch country, zoom in a little more on your map. There is indeed a road to Rapelje, and also a community cafe, so stop on in.

Fact No. 2: 

Creek — This word is typically pronounced “crick” in Montana.  If you do “stick to your guns” and pronounce the double e, it is recommended that you be prepared to see a few unexplained, wry smiles.

Fact No. 3:

If you’re ever in Alzada in the southeast corner of Montana, you’ll be closer to the Texas panhandle than you’ll be to the far northwest corner of the state.  That’s Montana for ya!

Fact No. 4:

Havre — In spite of the fact that it was named after a French man, this hub of northern Montana is not pronounced like you learned in French class. Say it like this: HAV-uhr. Then once you learn to say it, learn what it’s like. Until you’ve experienced this country, you won’t know what all the talk about Big Sky really means.

Fact No. 5:

The two-finger wave is very commonly seen along many of Montana roads. If you let go of the steering wheel, you’re cheating.

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