“A Marinate Made in Heaven!” by Montana Grant
By angelamontana

Posted: March 18, 2014

meatMarinates add flavor and tenderize meat. This is especially true when cooking wild game. Here are some tasty tips that will help your meat become even more delicious.

Wild game has a “wild” odor and taste. It just does. Some of this flavor occurs due to improper dressing and packaging of the critter you harvested. The common reply from folks eating wild game is that it is too tough or “gamey”.

Try this simple and effective Marinate to enhance the flavor of all of your red meat. I use this process on beef, deer, elk, and whatever crosses my path when hunting. This marinate requires olive oil, red wine, and Montreal Steak seasoning! That’s it.

Place a ½ cup of the olive oil and Cheapo red wine into a glass dish or leak proof zip-bag. Add a tablespoon or so of the McCormick’s brand “Montreal Steak Seasoning”. You can use whatever meat spice you have, but The Montreal Style has been approved by many meat eaters. I allow the meat to soak for a few hours or days. You can prepare the meat before a campout and it will be ready when you are.

I also use a tenderizer tool that punches holes into the meat. This allows the flavors and tenderizer to flow throughout the steak or chops. The more tender chops and loins steaks don’t really need this but…

When you grill the meat, sear the meat initially with a high heat. The trick to cooking great meat is that less cooking is more. A few minutes per side, depending upon the thickness of the cut, is all you need. Rest the steak a few minutes before serving. At my grill, folks gather for a quick tidbit, right off the grill, before dinner.

For a Steak sauce, melt some butter with some Blue Cheese crumbles, and pour over the meat. Make a horseradish cream sauce instead of the more traditional store bought concoctions. It will be “some kinda good” for sure. Amen!

Bon Apetite,

Montana Grant

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