Do Not Underestimate Coyotes!
By angelamontana

Posted: March 11, 2014

The picture below shows a coyote in a tree.  But, why on earth is there a coyote in a tree, you ask?

If you haven’t seen this post going around the internet already, then I will tell you that the photo was taken in Wisconsin, and the caption for the photo via the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources explains everything.  I’m impressed!

A landowner adjacent to the Sandhill Wildlife Area has seen this coyote two days in a row climb apple trees and knock frozen apples to the ground.  When they took this picture, the coyote was 10-15 feet up the tree.  Once it knocks down its loot, it climbs down to eat them. Coyotes are known to eat fruit, berries, and other foods.  They are scavengers and are known for finding creative ways to find food.  It’s likely this coyote was able to scale the tree by carefully navigating up low-lying branches.


(Photo and info via Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources)