Frozen Gas Station Minnows
By angelamontana

Posted: March 4, 2014

Picture this…the time is 7:30 am, and you just woke up to find that you are out of coffee creamer…so what do you?  Well, you do what any like-minded coffee drinker would do–you bundle up in some winter clothes and head to the nearest place that sells it–which, in this particular case, happens to be a gas station.  In the parking lot, you lose your footing, still not even completely awake, and you look down to find that patch of ice you slipped on has something frozen in it.  You investigate further only to find they are frozen minnows!

This actually happened to Melissa Wojcik, of Benzie County, in northwestern Michigan just the other day. Between the horrifying realization that she was out of coffee creamer and scrambling to get to the Stapleton Corner Store and gas station in Benzonia, Melissa could only laugh as she took a picture of the frozen minnow aquarium puddle.

So, for anybody in Montana, if you ever find yourself slipping on ice, you might be surprised at what you find frozen in the puddle…today minnows, tomorrow frogs?  You just never know!

1655268_709626472391911_196408094_o (1)

(Special thanks to Melissa Wojcik for sharing this photo and her story)

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