Workshops for Trappers and Hunters
By angelamontana

Posted: March 20, 2014

A March 29th Fur Handling Class will be held at Snappys starting at 10am.
This class is being put on by the Montana Trapper Association. It is free and would be useful to trappers and hunters (especially bobcat and coyote hunters). The class will be held in the conference room at the back of Snappys Sports Senter store on the east end of Kalispell.

An April 5th Spring Trappers Meeting will be held at the MFW&P Headquarters in Kalispell, starting at 10am.
At this meeting Department biologists, members of trapper associations, and other trappers will discuss this past season’s fur harvest, quotas, make recommendations for trapping quotas and regulations for the coming year. We will also discuss upcoming regional trapping events, fur auctions, upcoming legislation concerns, and other subjects participants bring forward. The meeting is open to all trappers and fur harvesters, regardless of any organization affiliations.

Contact: Paul Fielder, 406- 210-5943

(Report by Montana FWP; Feature photo via