Helena Recreation Report by Bob Ward & Sons (4.18.14)
By angelamontana

Posted: April 18, 2014


Please review your regulations as there have been some changes. Also, make sure to bring pictures down of your successful hunts and post them on are bulletin board.


Canyon Ferry Lake fishing is taking off. The trout are spawning so try fishing from Yacht Basin to the dam or at Chinaman’s or Shhanon.  For trout, try throwing a brass Cyclone ¾ oz. or some egg sacks and pull them through the beds. Floating jigs tipped with ½ a worm is working well on the trout. The walleye fishing is pretty solid since the perch have been washed near the dam.  Though the water is murky try throwing some Perch colored Rapalas or maribou jigs in olive and black.

Missouri River water flows are still high but have remained consistent which should have allowed the fish to get back into their normal diet. Below the dam at Canyon Ferry is the ticket right now.  Great Perch and Walleye fishing, at least the eagles seem to be getting well fed.  For trout, try fishing the York Bridge at the mouth of Trout Creek. Don’t fish the creek proper, it isn’t open yet, but you should do pretty well at the mouth. We recommend throwing some spoons or egg sacks, which have been getting decent hits.  For fly fisherman, try throwing some Pink Ray Charles or UV San Juan worms.

(Report by Ryan Corwin-Bob Ward & Sons)