Farewell Old Friend! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: May 6, 2014

truckcamper3Losing an “Old Friend” is hard. I will always remember the special trips and fun that we had together, but it is hard to say goodbye. Having a friend that you can always count on is so important and hard to find. You get close and comfortable with an “Old Friend”.

The long road trips and campouts were great. Whether we camped with the Boy Scouts, along a trout stream, or high in Montana’s mountains, we were always strong and cozy. We were never cramped or wanting for more.

Each winter, I carefully stored you in the garage where I could protect you from the weather. Camping in the mountains was always an adventure. Heavy snow, grizzly bears, and strong winds never weakened your frame. There was never a complaint about the loud snoring and “camping” smells. A thorough washing, some wax, and a clean sweep kept you fresh and ready for the next adventure.

Many a great meal was spent together. After marching many miles through the snow or wading in the rivers, it was nice to get back together again. Sunrises, sunsets, and long cozy nights were spent together. Card games, videos, and music made things homey and entertaining.

An anniversary at Cliff Lake was so great. Carrying a canoe on your back was never a problem. Extra gear, coolers and tents never caused a complaint. Everything always worked and kept us safe and warm. When the lights went out, the stars would always shine.

The dogs loved you to. There was always a special place for them to stay and they kept us warm. The cold beers, snacks, and special meals were always a treat together. The gun rack on your side stored many a bow, rifle, and rod over the years.

My wife didn’t like you as much as I did. She always wanted an indoor toilet and more space. She made the best of the time spent with my “Old Friend”. Camping out for her now means the Holiday Inn.

The kids always enjoyed their time with you. Games, stories, and good times made our memories together special. The glow in the dark ceiling stars were a nice touch. We will all remember our time spent together these past 12 years. You aged so well.

Yes, today I sold my “Old Friend” to another young hunter and camper. It was time to part. My Truck camper was my “Old Friend”. I shed a tear as I watched you drive away.

Farewell “Old Friend” and enjoy your new family and camping adventures.

Stay warm and dry,

Montana Grant

Montana Grant Pic