Feeling Crafty? Try Doing Some Leaf Art!
By angelamontana

Posted: June 10, 2014

So, the next time you’re feeling crafty, why don’t you give some leaf art a try?  Lorenzo Duran has mastered cutaway leaf art, and his results are quite impressive!  Here is a little bit of history on Duran via user Jerusalem BG on YouTube:

Lorenzo Duran is a Spanish artist, who began working with a range of media from a young age. One day, he noticed a caterpillar nibbling on a leaf. This inspired him to develop his art form of leaf-cutting. His inspiration also came from the Asian craft of paper-cutting that has been practiced for thousands of years.

Over the last four years, Duran has occupied himself with leaf-cutting, refining his technique to achieve impressive results. His works have been sold all over the world and have generated great interest in the medium.

Duran washes, dries and presses the leaves. He then cuts them with a miniature knife and coats them with a wax varnish in order to preserve them.

The work “Jerusalem Leaf” was created by Duran especially for the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, the site of his first exhibition outside of Spain.


(image via IFL Science FB page)

Here is a clip from Duran’s first exhibition in Israel:


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