Top Five Best Campgrounds in Montana
By angelamontana

Posted: June 5, 2014

I do a lot of camping, shooting, hunting, dirtbiking and some fishing every spring/summer here in Montana, and, although I camp quite often, I don’t always camp at campgrounds.  I am a long-time lover of Montana and everything it has to offer, so I decided I might take a look at what people think Montana’s top five camping locations are and try to expand my horizons.  I found a list of campgrounds compiled by that make me want to go camp there but still leaves me wondering if there are camping locations outside of the campgrounds.

What do you think of these camping locations being the top five best camping locations in the state of Montana?

 1. Glacier National Park  – Northwest Montana, Montana

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2. Philipsburg Bay Campground – Philipsburg/Georgetown Lake, Montana

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3. Apgar Group Sites – West Glacier, Montana

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4. Fort Peck Lake – Glasgow, Montana

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5. Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area – Fort Smith, Montana

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Have you camped at any or all of the above locations?  If so, do you agree with their rankings?  Let us know on the Montana Outdoor Radio Show Facebook page!

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