2014 Tiber Walleye Tournament: Final Results
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 27, 2014

The Captian just called in and said the team over in Tiber sent him the final standings for the tournament (thanks team). 91 Team competed in this years Tiber Walleye Tournament.

After a highly competitive couple days over by Helena, here are the top five teams:

  • FIRST PLACE Ryan and Fred Roberts from Billings 34.72 pounds
  • SECOND PLACE Mike and Dean McCabe from Great Falls and Circle 30.99 pounds
  • THIRD PLACE Darren Raney from Livingston and Scott Achilles from Great Falls 29.43 pounds
  • FOURTH PLACE Darrell Archey and Robert Sherer from Great Falls 29.22 pounds
  • FIFTH PLACE Gordon and Tanya Matson from Ennis 28.22 pounds