Eastern Montana Fishing Report for the Week of 7.7.14
By angelamontana

Posted: July 9, 2014

(Report compiled by Carol Henckel)

Please be advised weather is changing constantly and some days wind can be
a factor. High water conditions are dangerous as Spring weather is
unpredictable and the run off is treacherous.   Enjoy yourself but
remember alcohol alters your judgment so use it sparingly while enjoying
the outdoors. Keep an eye on the weather while you are out there, be
prepared and stay safe.

This report is compiled on Monday and Tuesday and
reflects conditions and results of fishing from the past week. If you wish other
information feel free to contact most parties for current daily

Good luck fishing from the Montana Outdoor Radio Crew.
Rock Creek Marina-Bill 1-406-485-2560
Bill says, “This holiday week was good. Lots of people having a good time.
It was crazy.  Guys were catching lots of northern pike.  The guys are
trying for pike in the weeds by the shore. They got some small walleye and
some smallmouth.  The fishing picked up this week as the weather settled

Tongue River Reservoir
Tongue River Marina  1-406-757-2225 Colton/Bob Pederson/Warden Jordan Straley

Matt says,” Walleye fishing has slowed down.  They have gone deeper
because of the heat.  That will bring more action for the bigger walleye.
I heard of an 11 pound walleye caught yesterday.  The water is 75
degrees.  Crappies are now in the shallows and fishing for them have
picked up.  The water is a bit murky so try jigs with a worm or a jig
body trolling.  Tongue is staying full.  Northern pike are picking up.
We have had a 36 inch one caught  and two 10 pounders in the past days.”
Marina hours are 8 am to 6 pm.

Clint Thomas- Hell Creek Marina 1-406- 557-2345
Hell Creek-Fort Peck Reservoir

Clint tells me,” Fish are biting.  You can find the walleye in 18 to 30
feet depths. Walleyes are being caught on bottom bouncers with leeches and
crawlers. We need cooler weather and it will be great fishing.   The small
mouth  are really good right now. They are in the shallow water.  We saw
three in one day one pound off the state record, a 6 pound 1 ounces, 5
pound 4 ounces and a 5 pounder. North pike are deeper right now.  Whether
you get into them really depends on the day right now.  They are at 8 to
14 foot. The fish are out there.”
Gene Moore Lake Ridge Motel 1-406-526-3597
Gene Moore, of Lake Ridge says,” The weather has warmed up and the fishing
is great!  Lots of nice fish were caught. Just use crawlers and leeches.
They are catching nice walleye, smallmouth, northern pike and smallmouth.
We saw success in all of them.  Just great fishing finally.  It has really
turned on.  Saw some nicee 10 to 12 pounders. The Pines and Duck Creek
were good for walleye.  The water is up about 3 to 4 feet.  Look for
walleye at depths of 17 to 30 feet.  At this point anything is working
bait wise right now. Just great fishing.”

Lake Elmo Billings
A busy weekend with lots of people at the water. They are catching from
the boat ramp to the swimming beach. Elmo has a decent population of cat
fish. Some trying for largemouth bass. At Rogers pier has fish are being

River front Park is fishing pretty good.
The Stillwater is still high. Really check the speed and again check
bridge clearance with your boat when on it.  Be careful it is swift.

Cooney Reservoir Jenny/ Maleri
The fishing we hear was okay. They are catching fish. The warm weather
brought people out.  Walleye fishing did improve. Mostly walleye and
trout  are being caught.”

Deadmans/Martinsdale Cozy Corner Bar Lavina 406-636-2261
“We are hearing  brown trout and rainbow fishing has been decent at
Martinsdale.  They have planted cut throats.  People are getting fish both
from shore and boats we are hearing.  At Deadmans people say they are
using worms and stuff, nothing specific.  They planted at Sutherland and
Bear before the 4th.  Newlin got a stocking of cutthroat so you can
definitely try for them.”

Don’s Lewistown-Dale 1-800-879-8194

“At Spring Creek use assorted drys.  People are seeing success nymphing.
Fishing is going well. The fishing is decent especially the edges at 2 to
3 feet depths.  Use a micro caddis, or a PMD.

Achley is making a good showing.  They are fishing from shore and boat.
Try using leaded line going shallow. It really is dependent on the time
of day, “said Dale.
Fort Pecl at forchette and Devils Creek are doing well on walleye at 10 to
25 feet.  Every color is working.  Worm harnesses, leeches and lindy rigs
are mainly being used,“Dale tells us.

Missouri is good for cats and suger.  They are using the usual crawlers
and crank baits. ”

Crooked Creek-Grant
“The Marina opened this week.  The days we will be open are Friday,
Saturday and Sunday of every weekend in July and August.  Our services
will be gas, camping, cabin rental and book lockup.  The store will have
night crawlers and ice.  We don’t have minnows.  We will have pop and
snacks but not perishables right now, “Dusty says.  “If you are fishing
across the bay you are catching walleye.  People are catching. The Fall
Classic is here on August 9th and 10th,” explains Dusty. Our number is

Minnow Bucket-Eddie White  696-1281
“On the Yellowstone catfish are really biting. I fished by forsyte and
got thirty.  Blood shrimp are working.

Devils Creek is good fishing.  Just everything is biting, walleye,
crappies, smallmouth, sauger, perch, northern pike and catfish.  We
caught all of them .  We used bottom bouncers.  Good fishing.
People are saying Fort Peck has slowed down.
People are catching crappie at Castle Rock,” Eddie says.

The hours of the Minnow Bucket are Tuesday to Friday 11 to 7 pm, Saturday
7 to 7 pm and Sunday 7 to noon.

Silos Canyon Ferry-Sharon

“Fishing is good right now. Nice fish are being caught. It is good for
trout, perch and walleye. South pond  #4 is fishing well.  The walleye
are decent fishing.  We are still selling a lot of pink Flamingo Lures.
Pink seems to be the color to use.  Flicker Shads are also doing well.
The Rod and Gun fishing tournament is this weekend.  Call Doug Breker at
Townsend Electric to sign up,” Sharon says.

West Side Sports Jim Mayer 1-406-654-1611
“Nelson is still good fishing. People were getting their limit.  Find the
bigger fish at 30 to 35 feet.  Forchette is turning on right now. You can
get nice size walleye using worm harnesses.  At Fort Peck northern pike
have slowed some, try going shallow as it is working well,” Jim reports.

West Side Sports new owner is Jim Mayer. Shop hours are 8 to 6 Monday to
Saturday and closed on Sunday. Stop in any time

Billings-Scheels Nate/Josh
Josh says, “I went to Martinsdale and fishing was extremely slow.
Canyon Ferry The people have said fishing was good.
Hell Creek was good this week.  People are not getting as many walleye
they have gone deep.  Lots of othrs biting.
I heard Tongue fishing is still good.”

Rich’s Tackle Richard  406-285-4540

“The word is  fishing is good on Canyon Ferry. Lots of walleye and
rainbows being caught.
The Gallatin River is down. The Jefferson is okay for fishing. They are
catching trout on some flies. It seems to be good early morning and late
in the day.  Some guys are pulling their spinners out during mid day and
doing well. The rivers are clearer. You can catch some nice trout. I had
someone call who is at Fort Peck needing more spin and glow lures.  He
said the  walleye are biting terrifically to quote the guy,” Rich said.

Shop hours are Sunday 12 to 4 pm.  Closed Monday.  Tuesday to Saturday 7
am to 6 pm.  You can always call ahead if you are coming through and need
something on off hours and we may be able to help.

Stillwater Anglers-Chris 406-322-4977
Chris reports, “The Stillwater is higher and swifter. It is at 4700 CFS
today.  The comfortable level is about 3000 CFS so we have a way to go.
The clarity is not bad. It still is rising.  Some people are fishing
it.  I am not.  It is just too dangerous and unpredictable right now.
It is really hard to use a boat, just too fast. Treat it with respect.
There are The Yellowstone is less off color. The water is has changed in
tint.  It is less dark.  It is more  milky and less dark.  The flow is
down and I think it will be fishable by the end of the week.  Head to
the tributaries or side channels as you might be able to find fish
there.”  We   now are in Summer hours in the shop and are open Tuesday
to Sun. from 9 am to 5 pm. We are closed Monday.

 Big Horn Trout Shop Fort Smith 666-2375 Rich
Rich says, “The water is going up again. River flow is now 6000 CFS. The
access from 3 mile to After Bay is limited to walking the bank because of
the high water. You can only walk in that area. People re nymphing using
gray ray, sow bugs, midge larva and olive pheasant tails.   Streamers that
are working are in black and white colors. Not much dry fly fishing
happening right now.   Right now you just have to expect it to change day
by day. I think we are close to a baetes hatch coming on. Call if you need
specific information.” Our shop hours have changed and we are open 7 am to
5 pm. Monday to Sunday.