Exploring Avon from 10 Feet Tall (More or Less…)
By angelamontana

Posted: July 24, 2014

Berny Croy and her best pal, Donna Leik, were at it again!  The duo saddled up their horses and headed out on another riding adventure.  This time, they explored the Avon area , near Helena.

They were attracted to this particular area because not only was there family nearby, but it was also easy to explore with just the car, initially.   However, during this trip, as opposed to their last trip (click here to check out their previous horseback riding adventure), there were no corrals waiting for them, although they did invest in some portable corrals to contain the horses.  Another benefit to this particular location was that there was water nearby.

“The weather couldn’t have been any better,” Berny recalled.  “Although the shade was sparse, the views went on forever,” she commented.  Fortunately, they had no wildlife confrontations during their trip.

They made it to Spotted Dog Creek , which was their goal, after spending approximately six hours on the saddle.  For the most part, Berny said it was pretty easy riding, as it was mostly flat.  She is already looking forward to next year’s ride to Spotted Dog Creek!

Check out some photos from their trip below:

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