Montana Guys Launch Retro Ski Apparel Website
By Hookemharry

Posted: July 27, 2014

Retro Ski Gear

At the end of the winter last year,  RJ Wimett attended the end-of-season event at Big Sky Resort called the “Pond Skim” and were inspired to create an online business they call Retro Ski Shop.

Who is That Retro Ski Dude in their Logo?

RJ Wimett’s dad Bob Wimett is a guy you’ve probably seen in a poster a few times, but had no idea. He’s the guy jumping off the Snowbowl Gelande Jump Naked! Which naturually fits in very nicely with their business model, making them decide to use the naked jumper in their logo.

What Type of Retro Ski Stuff Do They Sell?

How They Find Retro Ski Stuff?

RJ makes a point to stop by local thrift stores like Goodwill in Missoula on his way home from work to scout for any new retro items they can add to their website. We asked him what kind of stuff he’s looking for specifically…

“It has to be bright and tight to be a Retro Ski Shop Product” -RJ Wimmet, Co-Founder of Retro Ski Shop

Browse Their Retro Ski Gear