Three Year-Old Angler Reels in Her First Largemouth Bass
By angelamontana

Posted: July 22, 2014

Three year-old Adelyn Tiffin was out fishing with her family at Trout Creek over the weekend and caught her very first largemouth bass, with the help of Grandpa, Alan Stohle, and Mom, Megan Tiffin.  She even reeled it in until it got to the dock, but it was a big ol 3 1/8-pounder, so that was as far as she could bring it on her own. Now, that is team work!

Adelyn is no stranger to fishing, as she already has a perch under her belt from a previous fishing trip.  Note the size of the fish compared to Adelyn’s size.  Success is a good way to get a kiddo hooked, and there’s not much of a better addiction out there to have than to be addicted to fishing!

Nice work, Adelyn and family.  We look forward to seeing what she reels in next time!