A Cold Beer! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: August 28, 2014

coldbeerI am not an alcoholic! But, I must admit to enjoying a cold beer at certain times! Historically pioneers drank beer and spirits to hydrate. Clean water was rare but beer and whiskey were always germ free as a result of brewing or distillation.

Nothing tastes better than a Cold Beer at certain times. Those of you that are cringing right now need to lighten up. The truth will set you free! For some of you it may be a cold tall glass of Sweet Tea, or soda, or just clean cool water.

I never drink beer when I am hunting. If you drink when you are with me, you are done hunting. After the hunt, we can enjoy a brew or drink and share stories of the day. Fishing is also a time when I don’t drink. The only other time that I don’t drink, as much, is when I eat steamed crabs. They are just so damned delicious! It is hard enough to hunt, fish, or pick crabs successfully without the handicap of drinking.

There are certain times when a Cold Beer is just wonderful. Years ago, I helped to pack out a Bull Elk from a hole from hell. We busted our butts humping out the several meat sacks and made it to the truck around 10:00 pm. We were out of water and strength. I had two cold bottle of beer in the cooler. We turned on the truck and celebrated with a victory toast. The truck also had heated seats, but that is another story. What a wonderful and refreshing sensation. The cold beer tasted so good!

Driving down a remote dirt road, while drinking a cold beer, and listening to Jason Aldean is another special moment to drink beer. I know that I am drinking and driving but folks have been drinking beer for centuries. This is my one Bad habit. It is not alcohol use but is about alcohol abuse. Always be responsible.

There is just something about reaching into a cooler filled with ice and grabbing an ice cold brew on a hot day! I am sorry to admit it, but I enjoy a cold beer after an adventure of hunting or fishing. The photo in the article shows Montana Grant enjoying an ice cold beer at the 13 mile access of the Bighorn River. I had rowed a boatload of clients down 13 miles of glorious trout fishing. The picture says it all.

Maybe you are now thinking that Montana Grant is a drunk, but a cold beer is just a beverage that tastes damn good after catching a huge trout, tagging a great bull, or rowing a drift boat 13 miles.

Beer has been around for thousands of years. There are times when a respectful swig is appropriate. You know what I am talking about, the day is humid and hot, the work is hard, and the beer is just so cold and delicious.

Please always remember to hunt, fish, boat, and recreate responsibly!


Montana Grant

Montana Grant Pic