Bozeman/Butte Recreation Report by Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors (8.1.14)
By angelamontana

Posted: August 1, 2014


Bob Ward’s 11th Annual Shooter’s Weekend is this Saturday in Missoula, and Sunday in Butte. All proceeds benefit Operation Valor. Visit Bob Ward’s facebook page for event details. You can try out just about any model you might want to buy along with accessories and optics.

A few opening dates to prepare for:

  • Upland Game Birds Season – September 1st
  • Pheasant season – October 11th
  • archery: Sept 6
  • youth, deer only, two-day hunt: Oct 16-Oct 17
  • Dear and Elk general: Oct 25
  • Federal Duck Stamps are $15 each at your local Bob Ward’s.

Bozmean Fishing:

Get on the Gallatin first thing in the morning and hit them with yellow sally and green bodied elk hair caddis flies, stimulators, and PMDs. The nymphing is ok but dries are producing better.

Lower Madison isn’t producing well due to the high human activity on the river. If you are in that area Beartrap is the place to go and stick with any variety of caddis fly.

The Upper Madison is just like the Gallatin, first thing in the morning use yellow sally, cripple PMDs, and PMDs. Use any variety of caddis flies throughout the day.

On the Yellowstone any kind of stone nymph is still working well right off the bottom. Caddis flies in any color are working great. PMDs and Yellow Sallys are working great early and late close to the bank. Streamer fishing is a gamble in the morning.

Heading to the park? Grab Yellowstone fishing permits 3 day, 7 day, and season at Bob Ward’s.

If you are a spin angler the fish are hopping just about everywhere. The Colorado Spinner in copper/silver or copper/brass is the recommended lure.

Butte Fishing:

Hotter temperatures are putting the fish down for the afternoon. Getting your lures down to the bottom where the fish are hanging to structure is more critical. Shaded areas provide some surface activity.

The Big Hole River has dropped considerably and some of the boats are pulling of the water. Grasshopper imitation and Purple Haze patterns are successful patterns for evening or early morning surface activity. Point them down on the bottom later in the day.

Golden Stone Nymphs and Grasshoppers are bringing on a few strikes on the Beaverhead River this week. Panther Martin lures, Rapalas or nightcrawlers are all good choices as well for the spin fisherman.

Terrestrials have been hot fly choices for higher elevation tributary streams. Black Ants, Crickets or Deer Hair bugs put a few fish on my table last week.

The Jefferson River has been temperamental in the warmer temperatures. Get out for an early start and fish deep. Panther Martin, nightcrawlers, are or a golden Stonefly nymphs are good choices. A few caddis hatches early in the day can be anticipated.

Georgetown reservoir has had heavy damsel fly activity and is showing no sign of letting up. Work the weedbeds slowly with leech or Wooly Bugger patterns.

(Report by Ryan Corwin-Bob Ward’s Sports & Outdoors)