Ten Camping Suggestions for People Who Don’t Camp
By angelamontana

Posted: August 16, 2014

Believe it or not, there are people who don’t camp. Most of those people probably don’t live in Montana, but there are some Montanans who just aren’t happy campers when they’re camping–so they don’t camp. Sometimes, camping becomes part of a family gathering, and you just can’t avoid doing it. For those times where you want to enjoy your family and just suck it up and go camping, we found some tips for you from buzzfeed.com:

1. Invest in a solar-powered cell phone charger.

(image via ecofriend.com)

(image via ecofriend.com)

Invest in a solar powered cell phone charger. Even if you don’t have reception, this will prove beneficial for those times when you need your cell phone game fix or you want to listen to your phone tunes.

2. Get creative with marshmallows.


(image via ljcfyi.com)

Be the life of the party for everybody, young and old, when you make marshmallows interesting by putting miniature candy bars inside of them.  These make for a delicious gooey mixture of chocolate and marshmallow and whatever else was in the candy bar!   For the adults?  Dip the marshmallows in some sweet liquor for a change from campfire beers…or an addition to campfire beers.

3. Hook Yourself Up with Some New Camping Attire.


(image via theathiker.com)

When you have new clothes, you almost feel brand new..until the new wears off anyway.  So, why not take this opportunity and give yourself that new car scent with some new camping duds?  Make sure you check the weather of where you’re headed so you have the appropriate clothing for the climate.

4. Decorate the inside and/or outside of your tent.


(image via casasugar.com)

When you are in a comfortable environment, you tend to be more at ease and enjoy yourself more.  If you decorate the inside of your tent in a more “homey” fashion (and the outside, too, if desired), you will more than likely not focus on the fact that you would rather not be camping.  Give it a try…

5. Fancify your picnic pack.


(image via pinterest.com)

When it’s time for the picnic, spoil yourself with a fancy version of a picnic basket, and indulge in everything that you like.  If your tastebuds are happy, you’re most likely happy.

6. Get a classy camping bag.


(image via jmd-leatherbags.com)

When you start to pack your camping stuff, you will look forward to using your classy camping bag.  But, make sure you only use it for camping, and when the cool factor wears off, it’s time to retire the old one and get a new one!  You might actually look forward to at least packing for camping trips…

7.  Have the coolest camp chair.


(image via coolthings.com)

When all the family and your friends are in awe at your “really cool” camp chair, how can you dislike camping?  Hook yourself up!

8. Weatherproof yourself.


(image via aliexpress.com)

If it is supposed to be really hot, get one of those battery operated water misters that you can get at Disney World.  You will be cool and happy while basking in the afternoon heat.  If it is going to be really cold, make sure you have hand warmers, feet warmers and a good seat next to the fire.  If it’s going to be wet, make sure you have adequate space to stay dry and still hang out with your campmates.  Bring a separate canopy for everybody to huddle under or a wall tent.

9. Bring a portable DVD player.

(image via walmart.com)

(image via walmart.com)

Sometimes, you just want the comforts of technology even while you’re hanging out with Mother Nature in the woods.  So, bring a portable DVD player, and hook yourself up with some relaxing movie time at the end of the evening.  It will feel just like home.

10.  Camp-IN


(image via momdot.com)

Finally, the best way for people who don’t camp to enjoy camping is by camping at home…INside would be the best bet, but even in the yard.  You can be “right at home” while you’re camping…literally!

(Partial information above via buzzfeed.com)