Montana Hunting and Fishing Reports 9/20/14
By Kamp Cook

Posted: September 20, 2014

It is getting down to the last few days of summer, as the fall equinox is set to happen on the 23rd. If you are looking to get out hunting or fishing this weekend, know before you go, with reports from around the state.

September 20th Summaries
-Bill from Rock Creek Marina says the Ft Peck been a little slow, but he’s headed out there today.
-Bill Brown at Bob Wards says its time to start scouting out the big game for area rifle and archery hunters. Fishing in the Bitterroot is doing really well.
-Brett French Outdoor editor of the Billings Gazette discusses this week’s post, has some accolades for Montana hunters, and says there’s been success on Tongue River Reservoir.
-Chancy at Snappy’s says snagging season is going on and there’s been success on Graves Creek, but check the regulations.
-Charlie from Don’s in Lewistown says area ponds are doing well as well as Spring Creek
-John Harris from Lakeside Resort in Trout Creek says the area elk are starting to move in the area and area hunters are really enjoying it. 
-Leonard from Roberts Bait and Tackle says it’s going to be a good day for fishing.
Mary Beth Kibler of Kibler Outfitting says the weather is starting to clear up in the Ft Peck area and it looks to be good out there. To book a Summer fishing trip call Kibler Outfitting at 406-557-2503.
Rob from Ronan Sports and Western says there is some good fishing on the lower river for bass.
Ron Aashiem says weekend 27th & 28th for the youth only water fowl and pheasant hunting. To get more information go online to
-Ryan from Bob Wards says in Bozeman the The Lower Madison stick with nymphs in the coolest times. In Butte, the Big Hole has been producing. In Helena Canyon Ferry Lake is doing well by the Dam and CemeteryIsland.
Shelby from Rocky Mountain Supply in Dillon says area hunters are seeing good activity, and area fisherman are seeing great success from the shore.