Standoff in the Plains: Brett French Radio Show Preview
By angelamontana

Posted: September 19, 2014

It sounds like Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and the Fort Belknap Tribe have some unresolved conflicts. Last Saturday an FWP game warden was stopped by tribal officials while patrolling west of the reservation. A 5 ½-hour standoff ensued, with tribal officials threatening the warden with a citation for criminal trespass as well as towing his state vehicle. Tribes have their own game rules and licenses on their lands, but this encounter took place on a county road and in an area where there have been numerous poaching incidents over the past few years. The Montana Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation has been called in to investigate the matter. So far, the tribe isn’t telling its side of the story, but it sounds like things got pretty tense. To read more, see my story at The Billings Gazette’s website at:


(Written by Brett French – Outdoors Editor of the Billings Gazette)