Billings Area Youth Hunter Bags His First Buck!
By angelamontana

Posted: October 22, 2014

Billy Gordon, of Billings, took his son, Hunter, out hunting during Montana’s two-day youth hunt last week.  Let’s just say that Hunter’s name is not only fitting, but he was successful, too!  Congratulations, Hunter!

Here’s a recap of Hunter’s big day in his Dad’s words:

During the 2 day youth hunt, Hunter was able to hunt a ranch in the Acton area.  We spotted the deer on Thursday evening, but couldn’t get close enough before sunset.  So, we marked the spot & snuck out w/o disturbing them.

We returned early the following morning before sunrise & glassed as the sun came up. We spotted a pair of nice 4×4’s so started our 3/4 mile loop “stalk” to come in downwind & out of sight. 1/4 mile walking, 1/4 mile in a crouch & the last 200 on our hands & knees.

As we were getting close to where we had last spotted the pair, this 3×4 walked in between us & the Bucks we were stalking. He was @ 150 yds. Hunter couldn’t see over the wheat without standing… & when he tried to sight in on this buck he was shaking too bad to take a clean shot… So, I played tripod for him & with me on my knees he was able to rest the rifle on my shoulder & take a clean shot.

This was his first big game kill & now he’s looking forward to going after elk.  Hunter has also registered to be a Junior Hunter Safety instructor & is hoping to be able to set the example for his younger Brother, Hayden, this coming Spring.  Hayden (11 years old) has his Youth Trapping license this year & is looking forward to Nov. 1st!