Steelhead Report for the Salmon River in Idaho (10.12.14)
By angelamontana

Posted: October 14, 2014

Heading to the Salmon River to catch some Idaho steelhead?  Here’s the latest report:

This past weekend a weather front that made its way through the area hindered steelhead anglers with precipitation and strong winds, but anglers were still able to find some steelhead. Interviewed anglers in location code 14, downstream of the Middle Fork, had the best success with an average catch rate of 16 hours per steelhead and a harvest rate of 140 hours per steelhead. The majority of angler effort was located in location code 15, between North Fork and the Middle Fork. Interviewed anglers there averaged 44 hours per steelhead caught and 400 hours per steelhead kept. Between the Lemhi River and North Fork, in location code 16, interviewed anglers averaged 48 hours per steelhead caught and 190 hours per steelhead kept.  Angler effort in location code 17, upstream of the Lemhi River, was once again minimal and no steelhead were reported caught.

The Salmon River is currently running near 1,200 cfs through the town of Salmon with good visibility. The water temperature has been in the low 50s for the past couple of weeks, but with colder weather moving in it should begin to drop into the 40s.

Brent Beller

Fisheries Technician

Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission

Idaho Department of Fish and Game – Region 7



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