Bitterroot Hunter finds Unusual Bull Elk
By angelamontana

Posted: November 13, 2014

Jason Maxwell, of Missoula, was hunting in the Bitterroot valley and came across some ravens making some noise.  He ended up smelling something foul and discovered a dead moo cow that had obviously been there for quite some time.  Continuing on his way, Maxwell began thinking about how rancid the odor he smelled was and how old the moo cow carcass was.  He realized there was no way that smell came from something that had been there for that long.  And then some magpies flew out from the trees just below him.  He couldn’t believe what he found.  A bull that appeared to have been dead for at least a month, appeared to almost be wrapped around a tree.  There were no arrows, nor did there appear to be any bullet holes, so the bull was assumed to have been taken down by predators.

Have you ever seen a bull like this during your outdoor adventures, and, if you have, would you keep it and mount it?