Kamp Cook’s Mom Goes Grocery Shopping…Montana Style – Region 5 Bull Elk
By Kamp Cook

Posted: November 8, 2014


Growing up, there is a special place in the house for us to put all of Mom’s trophies. We call it the “wall of shame,” as the boys in the family don’t have trophies worthy of a spot on the wall, let alone an entire wall. The wall of shame consists of everything from big mule deer to trophy antelope. Now it looks like we need to make room for a big elk.

Mavis and Mike Kloppel have been enjoying there “retired life” and took advantage of Mavis drawing a coveted special permit for region 5. After taking up residency on a friends property with their camper, Mom had been hunting hard searching for her bull. That day came yesterday after the parents journeyed to hunting camp to perform maintenance. As most stories go, the bull appeared when they least expected it, but that didn’t stop Mom from taking one shot.

Good Job Grocery Shopping Mom…We here at the Montana Outdoor Radio Show couldn’t be prouder.