Nature’s Most Beautiful Flower Turns Into Creepy Skulls
By angelamontana

Posted: November 5, 2014

Some flowers are sooo beautiful alive and even dead–until you turn them upside down.  Snapdragons are the perfect example of a beautiful flower that becomes almost creepy after it dies, only when you turn it upside down.  In ancient times, it was believed that snapdragons had “otherworldly powers” that would protect people from witchcraft.  Interestingly enough, an upside-down, dead snapdragon has the appearance of a stemful of skulls.  Ironically, in addition to the “otherworldly powers” this type of flower was thought to restore youth and beauty to women.

The name ‘snapdragon’ “stems from the fact that squeezing the throat of the flower causes the petal ‘lips’ to open with a snapping sound. The Latin name for snapdragons-Antirrhinum-means ‘nose like’ and refers to the shape of the flowers.” (via

Do you see the skulls?


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