Trappers Code Of Ethics
By Toby Trigger

Posted: November 1, 2014

With Opening Day of Trapping Season it’s a great time to review the Trappers Code of Ethics.

All Trappers Should:

  • Respect the other trapper’s “grounds” – particularly brushed, maintained trap lines with a history of use.
  • Check traps regularly.
  • Promote trapping methods that will reduce the possibility of catching non-target animals.
  • Obtain landowners’ permission before trapping on private property.
  • Know and use proper releasing and killing methods.
  • Develop set location methods to prevent losses.
  • Trap in the most humane way possible.
  • Dispose of animal carcasses properly.
  • Concentrate trapping in areas where animals are over-abundant for the supporting habitat.
  • Promptly report the presence of diseased animals to wildlife authorities.
  • Assist landowners who are having problems with predators and other furbearers that have become a nuisance.
  • Support and help train new trappers in trapping ethics, methods and means, conservation, fur handling and marketing.
  • Obey all trapping regulations, and support strict enforcement by reporting violations.
  • Support and promote sound furbearer management.

Enjoy the 2014-2015 Montana trapping season responsibly and ethically.  See you out there!


The Alaska Trappers Manual and the Alaskan’s How-To Manual are available through the ATA – see listing of retail books for more info.

The Code of Ethics is reprinted from the Alaska Trappers Manual. The manual was created in a joint effort by the Alaska Trappers Association and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.