Tinkle Time! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: December 31, 2014

mtgTinkle Time is a manly ritual that hunters and fishermen have shared throughout time. Men us urinals and often talk when using the Men’s room. I don’t have a clue what Ladies do in their defined areas. I have also found that Men seem to be more truthful when holding, their, I mean carrying on a conversation.

“Did you have any luck fishing today? Did you get your elk?” It is amazing how much information you can get from the Men’s room. The truth is shared and maybe an idea or two is mentioned. Handshakes only happen after we wash our hands.

I wish I had a urinal in my house. Most Men would prefer having a urinal in the boudoir instead of just a throne. The throne belongs to the Queen. We know this when we discover that we left the seat up. A urinal would solve this problem. My wife thinks I am crazy.

My Grandfather built an outhouse so he could have his own place. His magazines, smokes, and privacy were important to him and outlawed in the house. He defined his outdoor space and territory.

Peeking at your neighbor, when using a urinal, is bad manners and could start a fight. Be respectful of your neighbor’s privacy. Sounds and noises are appropriate when relaxing and relieving yourself. It is just how men mark their territory. Certain noises bring on humor and pride.

Some urinals have bulletin boards over them so Men can read while they take care of their business. I rarely see these in the stalls. Maybe magazine racks would be a nice addition as well. An Outdoor Life or Field and Stream would be greatly appreciated. What a great marketing idea.

“Tinkle Toys” are a great way for men to entertain themselves and improve upon their accuracy. The Blue Moon Saloon in Cameron, Montana had the best Tinkle toys that I have used. It lay in the bottom of the urinal and had propellers, targets, buzzers and lights! Going to the men’s room was so much fun. We couldn’t wait to demonstrate our multi-tasking skills and compare our scores. Needless to say we all drank too much beer so we reload and take another turn.

Bidets are another matter. Certainly these are not a manly thing. My young son used it for a sit down once and discovered it didn’t flush! Talk about things hitting the fan! There is room for this contraption in a bathroom but not enough room for a urinal? Maybe we could at least install one in our Man Caves.

Well, I gotta go,

Montana Grant

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