By angelamontana

Posted: January 15, 2015


We have to fight if we are going to win. If you can’t show up in Helena then write – I’ve provided links to do so. You can call your representative, write, follow the link – what ever you can do – please do it.

Here’s the Information – the bill will be read on January 20th in Helena at 3 pm.

I have attached an additional request to this email. Please read it and say it to whomever you speak with about this bill.

HB 212 “Reaffirms that trapping is a form of hunting protected under MT Constitution.”

Link to HB212 INFO:

We need people to voice support in person in Helena on Tuesday January 20 at 3 pm. If you can attend please do.

Since not everyone can attend hearings in Helena, we have provided a link below where you can support or oppose bills online and send in comments – It’s fast and easy!

If you want to express your opinion on a particular bill, click to this link:

Enter your information, the bill number and then select “For” or “Against”. Be sure to specify whether this a senate bill (SB 1) or a house bill (HB 1).

If anyone is able to participate in the legislative process the best way is to attend the committee hearings and testify in person on bills.

However, attending committee hearings is not always possible so the best alternative is to send your position to the full committee using the legislative messaging system.

I have provided the link below to send your opinion,and position on the bill.

***If you use this, be certain to follow the instructions at the top of the page, fill in all areas and send the message to the committee in advance of the hearing date.***

If you are able to attend the committee hearing read the information in the link below provided by Gary Marbut it is very good advice.

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