Five Interesting Guns that Use Liquid “Ammo”…
By angelamontana

Posted: January 6, 2015

Colonel Smoothbore covers topics involving firearms and ammo in his posts first thing every Sunday morning on, but when is the last time you shot a gun that doesn’t shoot actual bullets?

Montana summers get really hot…and are typically really dry.  What better way to not only cool off, but also to occupy your time than busting out the old squirt guns?  Practice shooting and don’t pay a fortune for ammo.  Let me say that things have changed since my younger days, but here are a few examples of what you could be using or what somebody else could be using to cool off in the summer heat.

Okay, so this one is for people 21 and older, and I’m not so sure this is a good example of a gun with cost-effective ammo…unless, of course, you were spraying it in your or somebody else’s mouth…but, it has potential to be a fun adult squirt gun…if you don’t mind annoying somebody, wasting beer and smelling like alcohol when they confiscate your beer blaster and shoot you back…


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On the adult side of things still, if you are into taking shots every now and then, this might be a fun way for you to take your next one.  You pour 1 ounce of your favorite liquor into the cartridge, cock the gun and pull the trigger.  It kind of gives a whole new meaning to a “shot gun”…


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Don’t worry about refilling your gun anymore….the only down-side is that you will most likely not be able to cover much ground.  I would’ve loved the Garden Gun 5.1 back in the day:



I’m not sure who thought of this, but it is genius!  Take a look at this water pistol that has an umbrella attachment to shield yourself from any other attackers.  Could it be called a gunbrella?



Okay, so this one is a DIY thing, but how sweet are these squirt guns?  Built into your helmet, nonetheless.  I must admit that is pretty awesome as long as you have a large water source somewhere:



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