There’s a New Wolf Trapping Shirt in Town that Is Ruffling Some Feathers
By angelamontana

Posted: January 30, 2015

You may remember the shirts that the group Montana Wolf Hunting and Trapping created that read “Dead wolves make me happy–antis not so much” (click here).  Those controversial shirts prompted a tsunami of comments from anti-hunters and other animal rights activists that only increased sales of the shirts.  Now, there is a new shirt for sale that is receiving the same backlash from pro-wolf groups and individuals.

The new style of t-shirts feature an MB-750 wolf trap, which is open, with the words “Montana Wolf Hugger” around the trap.  These are sold on the Montana Trapper Bags website ( for just $25.00 each.  (See photo above)

Too much or too awesome?  Would you buy and wear one?