A Quest! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: February 11, 2015

boatingWe all need a Quest! Long winters inspire us to dream about a new destination, adventure, or plan. Sitting in the Fat Boy chair watching outdoor shows makes us hungry for something new on our sporting menu.

Montana was one of my dream destinations. As a teacher, I could trek to Montana in the summer and guide, grow a beard, and recharge for the next school year. Even when I had a family, Montana was a fun destination that helped to pay the bills and fuel my spirit.

Some folks are happy and secure doing the same things the same way. They know that a trout is behind that rock, a bull is in that valley, and a turkey gobbles on that ridge. They become confident and complacent in their expectations. That’s fine but…where’s the adventure and challenge?

If you do the same things the same way expect the same results. If this is what you prescribe, maybe ask your husband or wife if they are happy with this attitude. My guess is that they want a “Real Man or Woman” that is not afraid of a new Quest!

“A Man, or Woman, has to know their limitations”! Start planning to do something fresh and unique for this year’s Quest. Maybe a new lake or river, country, sport, or critter is an option. If you are a spin fisherman, try fly fishing. If you only hunt with a gun, try archery. If you you hunt and fish alone, find a buddy or kid to take along. Research a new place or destination. Plan to do something different.

For me, I am planning to explore the Smokehole region of West Virginia. HUGE trout and something different for a country boy like me. The nearby Shavers Fork has a unique catch and release stretch that is remote. Eastern trout fishermen “Fathered” western trouting. Most of the great western anglers came from “back east”. Maybe a trip to Canada for some walleye or… if you keep dreaming you will keep thinking about new quests.

Do whatever inspires you! You will discover that work days go quicker and problems seem simpler, and life is better when you have a Quest in the back of your mind. What you do not want to do is the same old same old.

Dream BIG!

Montana Grant

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