Appetite! (by Montana Grant)
By angelamontana

Posted: February 17, 2015

mtgrantWe all have an appetite to hunt and fish more! When I spend the day chasing Bulls, Bucks, Gobblers, and trout I never seem to think about eating. What a perfect diet plan.

You know you are a man or woman when you can’t wait for the next bite, hard antler, or feather to come your way. We just can’t ever get enough! What a great addiction.

During the winter, I seem to gain wait and get lazy. When spring comes, the weight drops and life is great. This feeling lasts until the next winter, then it is back to being a “Beefmaster”.

I try to ice fish and join a spa but nothing takes the weight off like chasing Gobblers, fins, bucks, and bulls. Throw in a trouting outing or two and I turn back into an Outdoor Mountain Man Stud again! I must admit that, as I get older the transition is slower and harder. Thankfully, the outcome is the same. Fish and fur fear me and women love me! At least in my dreams they do.

The key is to keep on trying. This transformation only occurs if you get your lazy butt out of the lazy boy chair and get going again. Yes it is easier to say I am too old or too fat or too whatever. Don’t fall into that trap.

The sound of an early morning “gobble”, the excitement of a bugling bull or the thrill of a bite from a fish…it just inspires us to get outdoors. Work gets tough. The way we deal with it is to dream about the hunting, fishing, and camping. Dream on!!!

When you go to heaven and St. Peter asks you what you wish you did more of, I am positive the answer will not be “work more”!

Move more, eat less, and hunt and fish to the max!

Montana Grant


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