By Toby Trigger

Posted: February 21, 2015

As sportsmen and women we are accustomed to terms like “Deer Camp” and “Elk Camp”.  Or more generically perhaps “Hunting Camp”.  But equally exciting and no less adventuresome, Fish Camp awaits anglers who camp out in pursuit of fish.

IMG_0989 (2)

Trigger Fights a busier steelhead yesterday (Feb 20) at fish camp on the Clearwater River.

You’ll still have the five F’s expected at camp; food, friends and flatulence, fun and family.  But with Fish Camp you can now add an all important sixth “F” – FISH!  And when you hook up with a bruiser you’ll get to yell “FISH ON!”  as loud as you want and no one will think your weird.

IMG_1018 (2)

A 36 inch bruiser from Fish Camp 2015.

Fish camp is fun for the whole family maybe not so much fun for the monster fish you’re going to land!


Triggers Fishing Partner at Fish Camp 2015 with a TOAD!