Does Rainy’s Now Produce the Best Steelhead Flies?
By Toby Trigger

Posted: March 21, 2015

Rainy’s is the Industry leader in contemporary innovative fly designs tied to the highest standards in the world offering “flies for every appetite”.

They’ve just upped their game even more with the launching of a brand new Steel head Series called “Steelhead Underground”.


Tying the highest quality cutting-edge fly patterns for 43 years, Rainy’s called upon legendary Fly Tyers Trey Combs, Jeff Cottrell, Jack Mitchell and Michael Davichik to create this amazing new line-up of flies; 49 in total, with a contemporary style and  design to meet every fishing style.

Each fly has been tested and developed for specific fishing techniques like “Cottrell’s THE ONE” designed for classic summer/fall fishing and water flows using a clear intermediate or slow sink tip.

Other flies were designed for stripping like the “Jack’s KLICKITAT MUDDLERS” designed primarily to be a waking surface pattern for summer run steelhead.


Every fly comes with instructions for a proven fishing method.  The variety of designs are useful for the varying fishing conditions anglers can expect day to day even on the same river.

Does Rainy’s now produce the best steelhead flies? Check them out at: pick a fly pattern that meets your fishing style and see for yourself!


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