By angelamontana

Posted: March 23, 2015

Montana sportsman groups, sportsmen, ranchers and property owners are thanking supporters of HB 212 today, as it has officially become the law.  Governor Steve Bullock neither vetoed nor signed HB 212, therefore leaving it untouched for 10 days, which after 10 days, it automatically became a law.  The Montana Trappers Association, among other groups, has been very active in the fight to clarify that hunting, fishing and trapping define the word harvest in the Montana State Constitution.  Today is a good day!  Great work to everybody who supported HB 212 and to all of those who actively participated in showing their support whether it be with phone calls, emails or attending readings.

Here’s a message from the Montana Trappers Association Facebook page:

HB 212 has become law!

Thank you to Governor Bullock, our Montana Senators and legislatures, the people of Montana, and all those who have supported HB 212. Your efforts are greatly appreciated by all sportsmen and sportswomen!


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