Montanans Save Fishing Outfitters Time & Money With Reporting Software
By Hookemharry

Posted: March 5, 2015

Three guys –  two from Missoula, MT and one from New York figured out a way to automate the reports that outfitters have to submit at the end of the year to the Montana Board of Outfitters and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks with their new product called GuidePool.

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The GuidePool team has been invited to present during lunch at the (FOAM) Fishing Outfitters Association of Montana annual member meeting in Bozeman on March 14th,2015.

Outfitter Problem

Before GuidePool outfitters would have to submit the same set of information for each of their fishing trips to 2 or 3 reports. This means as an outfitter you’re having to duplicate your work 2 or 3 times.

GuidePool Solution

The GuidePool team saw an opportunity to allow outfitters to fill out the data 1x and have it populate all of the other reports automatically with the click of a button.

“A few of our outfitters said it used to take them 2 or 3 weeks to do this reporting, with GuidePool – it takes 2 or 3 minutes!” – Harry Ward, GuidePool Web Developer

“This will make December fun again for Outfitters” – Anonymous Montana Board of Outfitters Member

That is just one of the features that GuidePool offers, below is a list of what outfitters and guides can expect when they use this super user-friendly tool.

Outfitter Benefits

  • Check Guide Availability in seconds by date, saving lots of time and many phone calls
  • Automatically Send an Email & Text Message to the guide when requesting a trip
  • One Calendar with all of your scheduled trips
  • Automatic Export of all MT Board of Outfitters Reports

Guide Benefits:

  • Personal Calendar that you and selected outfitters can see to help manage your trips and availability
  • Easily Enter client information, put-in, take-out  and river section and electronically deliver to the outfitter
  • Receive Text Message and Email alerts anytime an outfitter requests you for a trip
  • Super easy to use mobile phone experience (for smartphones)
  • Block off personal days and share calendar with other outfitters

If you’re interested in hearing more about GuidePool call (406) 552-1358 or visit or email

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