New Mexico Anti-Hunting, Anti-Trapping Bills Defeated
By Toby Trigger

Posted: March 7, 2015

Hunters and Trappers Are Winning Across The Country!

Two bills that would have had detrimental impacts on New Mexico sportsmen were tabled indefinitely at a meeting of the House Agriculture, Water and Wildlife Committee on Friday, Feb. 27, thanks to the united voice of sportsmen in the state who opposed the measures.

Senate Bill 253, which proposed banning coyote contests, and House Bill 426, which would have banned trapping on public lands and the barter of raw furs, were both defeated by an overwhelming 8-2 votes.

Both pieces of legislation carried significant negative consequences for sportsmen and wildlife management in the state of New Mexico. Numerous hunters, trappers and sportsmen showed up at the committee hearing to voice their opposition to these measures.

“We applaud the committee for the actions taken today to defeat these bills,” said Adam Wright, USSA’s associate director of state services. “It is encouraging to see what can happen when sportsmen stand together and fight for their outdoor heritage and responsible wildlife management.

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Reprinted by Trigger.  Trigger is a Local Field Director for the USSA in Montana.