Paul Lindsoe of Headwaters Seat Covers Catches a “Big Un”…or Two
By angelamontana

Posted: March 24, 2015

Paul Lindsoe, owner of Headwaters Seat Covers out of Three Forks, sent us the attached pictures with the following text:

Check this baby out. <referring to above picture>

Released her yesterday <March 22nd> around 10am, 33 inch 15.12 pounder, guess where, ha ha.  Another pic is of a 22 incher I released yesterday. <pictured below>

My fishing partner for the day reeled it in.  He was the 6th person I contacted to go fishing, they all were too busy to go.

He hadn’t caught a walleye in 27 years, plus he hadn’t fished in a very long while.  Before yesterday he was primarily a river or trout on the lake shore fisherman, and no recent walleye fishing experience.  He’s not much for having his pic up on the web so I’ll have to hold it for him and share the glory.

It was the first bite of the day, the planer board flag went down and the board lurched back, I grabbed the rod out of the holder and handed it to him.  He reeled for what seemed like forever to drag it in, I could tell it was a huge walleye because I saw it roll just under the surface behind the boat about 50 feet back.  I unhooked the board and he kept cranking it in.  He said “It’s not coming in, I turned up the drag”  I said “No, don’t do that, he coming in, he’s just a really huge fish”  I lurched back and scooped up the behemoth.

Excellent catch, Paul!