The Captain, The Macman and Jim Swanson Reeled Em in at Flathead
By angelamontana

Posted: March 10, 2015

Flathead produced some small Lake Trout on Monday for the Captain (two at a time), Jim Swanson and Dick Zimmer, the famous Macman from Zimmer Tackle.

Fishing was slow in 300 feet to start out, but once they relocated to Rocky Point in 200 feet of water, the bite was on for a little bit. Using Glow Grub Jigs tipped with a piece of bait fish and a fly about 6 inches above tippe with a nightcrawler worked best. So did the Lead-a Gator jig tipped with bait fish.

The trio ended up with just over 30 fish for their effort, fishing from 1:30-7:30PM PN  They put in at Blue Bay with no trouble at all. The smaller dock is now in place at the Blue Bay ramp where it cost $5 to launch.

(See photos above)