Hunting-Themed Kiddo Party Ideas
By angelamontana

Posted: April 8, 2015


So, your kiddo is excited about the idea of being old enough to tag a buck, and they have a birthday coming up…

We found some pretty neat hunting-themed birthday party ideas for your little hunters:


A buck piñata!


Nevermind the donkey–pin the tail on the BUCK…or elk…or bear…or moose…or mountain lion…or wolf…or cyote….or bobcat….you get the idea


Camo-fye the food you prepare for the party! Whether it’s camo cupcakes, camo cake, camo corn…you name it–make it camo!


You gotta have good props! This is a cute way to incorporate wildlife and keep the hunting theme going around the whole house…


Put tracks down for the kids to know where the bathroom is or where the party games are, etc. You can also use different types of wildlife tracks for different things…


Knowledge is power! Educate the kids on Montana wildlife and show them skulls of animals and have them guess what type of animals. You can do the same thing with fur, too!


You can Use a foam shooting gun for the kids to shoot inflatable animals and they can get their picture taken and printed after they get their animal!

These are just a few ideas for your kiddo’s hunting-themed party.  See anything worth trying?

(Images via Pinterest) 

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