Information Sought on Stolen Dirt Bike in Bonner
By angelamontana

Posted: April 20, 2015

As public land users, we need to stick together…which means we need to help each other out every chance we can, whether we’re dirt bikers, hunters, trappers, anglers, horseback riders, sightseers or hikers.

Joe Michels, an avid sportsman who lives in western Montana, started his Saturday at the FWP building in Missoula, attending the Montana Trappers Association District 2 Spring Membership Meeting.  After the meeting, Michels headed out with some friends to get in some much-needed dirt biking on his 1998 Honda CR250.  After riding, Michels ended up parking his truck, which was near the baseball field in Bonner, with his bike in the back. At some point during the night of 4/18/15, his dirt bike was stolen right out of his pickup.

People who take from others have some issues that most cannot comprehend.  It doesn’t matter if Joe is a good person or not–stealing is stealing–but, Joe is probably one of the most solid dudes you will ever meet, and he would do anything for anybody, whether he knows them or not.  There is hope that Joe will get his bike back, especially  if people come forward with any information they may have.  Even if your info seems so small, it is worth reporting just in case.

If you have any information on this bike, please call 406.274.4369.   Let’s get Joe’s bike back to him!



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