Skiesta! Free Skiing at Lost Trail
By OutdoorAly

Posted: April 4, 2015







It’s a general ski-bum rule to close the season by celebrating with some sort of fun party, ceremony, or crazy activity; Lost Trail Powder Mountain knows how to do this tradition right! This weekend started with their pond skimming competition and Skiesta party on Saturday, and will end the season tomorrow with a full day of FREE skiing! That’s right, it won’t cost you a dime to hit the slopes and hunt for some spring groomers instead of Easter eggs!


I haven’t strapped the snowboard on all season, but decided Skiesta was a worthy day to make the most of what was left of winter. The vibe on this hill is always amazing, very family friendly, local, and I gotta say the snow was decent for spring conditions! So, if you have the hankering for one last day at Lost Trail, go tomorrow…It’s FREE!

If you do go, my favorite is the new side, it’s more north facing and less crowded. Lift is loooooong, but I think worth it for the tree skiing off the mid-way lift, to the right.

I loved watching the Pond Skimming competition at the end of the day too! It was a great mix of little kids, obvious “rippers”, and seasoned competitors. I’ve seen pond skimming at other hills, but the family and friendly vibe at Lost Trail has me sold. Plus, they have a bleacher section built out of snow!



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