Ten AWESOME Survival Situation Duct Tape Uses
By angelamontana

Posted: April 29, 2015

If there was ever anything you should keep in your pack, it is a roll of duct tape.  There are countless uses for it, as you know, and people even wear clothes (at least models on the runway do) made out of duct tape–not to mention duct tape wallets.  Here are 10 uses of duct tape for sportsmen to keep in mind the next time you’re trying to decide if you should pick up that roll of duct tape you can’t decide if you want to purchase or not…

  1. Mend shoes and clothing. You can skip the sewing class, if you have enough duct tape.
  2. First aid sling. Fold a length of DT down the middle, so that it is half the original width and no longer exposing a sticky side. Use the strap to make a sling for a busted arm.
  3. Patch a hole in canoe. I wouldn’t trust my life to this one, but it’s been done more than once.
  4. Make cordage. Twist one or several lengths of duct tape into a cord or rope.
  5. Butterfly bandage strips. Cut two small strips of DT, and add a smaller strip across their centers (sticky side to sticky side) to create a makeshift butterfly suture.
  6. Survival arrow fletching. Tear off a few 5-inch pieces, and a long edge of one piece to the arrow shaft, fold the tape lengthwise, and stick the other long edge of that piece to the arrow. Repeat this process one or two more times; trim the vanes to shape with your knife; and you will have a serviceable arrow fletching.
  7. Make a drinking cup. Some creative folding and sticking can result in a cup you can drink from.
  8. Make a spear. Strap your knife to a pole and you have a trusty spear to fend off beasts, or make one into your dinner.
  9. Blister care. Cover the blistered area with a bit of cotton gauze, and tape over the cotton. Make sure that the duct tape fully covers the cotton and doesn’t touch the blister at all.
  10. Mark a Trail. Use it to blaze a trail or signal for rescue, especially if your DT is brightly colored or reflective.

There are obviously MANY more ways that duct tape can be useful while you’re out in the wilderness..and also in your every day life.  But, maybe checking out these few uses will convince to throw a roll in your pack.  You just never know when it could be most useful.

(Info via outdoorlife.com)